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SUE Rectors’ Council: Higher Education and Agrarian Reform, a Pair for Rural Development

The Rectors’ Council of the State University System (SUE) was held at the Universidad Internacional del Trópico Americano Unitrópico, with the participation of the Vice Rector of Administration of the Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS), Gerardo Latorre Bayona, representing the institution.

One of the central points of the agenda was the role of the SUE in the agrarian reform proposed by the National Government. In this regard, the creation of a work table was proposed to build a roadmap that allows channeling the SUE’s contributions to this important process. It is expected that regional universities, including the UIS, will contribute with concrete proposals to address agrarian reform in their respective territories.

The commitment of the SUE rectors to agrarian reform was evident during the meeting. The importance of higher education as a fundamental tool for rural development and the well-being of rural communities was highlighted.

Another topic of great interest to the SUE was the transformation of the quality assurance system for higher education in matters of qualified registration. A transformation in eight strategic axes was proposed, with the aim of strengthening confidence in higher education institutions, incentivizing high-quality accreditation, recognizing diversity and defining special measures to expand educational coverage in a pertinent and quality manner.

The SUE’s proposal also seeks to offer accompaniment and technical assistance to higher education institutions, implement temporary measures for the development of academic programs in new territories, conceptualize educational offer routes through agreements and alliances, transform the concept of territory to facilitate educational offer and harmonize offer modalities.