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‘Coco Bolsas’ begin to reach schools in Bucaramanga

Image showing students on the second day of the second day of the Casa de Coco.
Students from Bucaramanga’s public educational institutions participate in the second season of the Casa de Coco.
Image showing student with his 'Coco bag'.
Image showing student with his ‘Coco bag’.

Communications Department

More than 5,000 elementary school students from 33 public schools in Bucaramanga are participating in the second season of the Casa de Coco, a phase that began with the delivery of the ‘Coco Bags’, a collection of didactic material with which directors, teachers and students work, to learn about the universe of Coco and all its pedagogical possibilities.

The research team, led by professors Ana Cecilia Ojeda Avellaneda and Alexandra Cortés Aguilar, from the Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS), has carefully designed didactic tools that are included in the Coco Bags and that complement the sound content, so that students and professors can enrich their teaching-learning experiences.

Thus, since February 14, 2022, began the delivery of Coco Bags to each of the professors and children beneficiaries of the project, with whom this pedagogical strategy will be applied.

Likewise, the UIS designed a Diploma in Educational Innovation to provide the continuous support required by the teachers participating in this Second Season of La Casa de Coco. This training process seeks for each professor to let their imagination fly and create an educational innovation project that responds to their classroom needs with the elements of La Casa de Coco, while applying the most recent teachings on the subject and contributing to the consolidation of the ‘Red de Maestros Amigos de Coco’.