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With a rating of 4.87 (out of 5.0) the UIS strengthens its organizational, management and administrative processes

Superior Council
Superior Council

To support the institutional dynamics, the Universidad Industrial de Santander strengthens the communication and information processes. Evidence of this is the score of 4.87 in Factor 10: Organization, management and administration, as a result of the institutional self-evaluation, in view of the renewal of the UIS Institutional Accreditation.

This was a joint process in which students, professors, managers, administrators, graduates, employers and external community participated, prior to the visit of academic peers appointed by the National Accreditation Council, who will be at the UIS on February 23rd, 24th and 25th, carrying out the external evaluation.

Some of the main results of this process:

The UIS has an organizational structure that favors the development of the missionary and administrative functions and is in line with the needs, thanks to its continuous improvement.

The creation of the Information and Statistical Analysis Unit (UIAES) and the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies and Strategic Action for Development (IdEAD), as support for missionary work.

The leadership, suitability and quality of management at all levels of the Institution contribute to the achievement of the institutional purposes and to the regional and national positioning of the UIS.

The University has an integrated management system that establishes the procedures to be followed in each of the administrative and management tasks and ensures their continuous improvement. This system is certified under the ISO9001: 2015 standard.

The website presents information on the mission processes, the various units, academic programs, academic meetings and institutional news, among others. It also shows the rigor and transparency of the UIS in processes such as student admissions, public tenders for professors, calls for applications and hiring. The actions taken to update and provide efficient technology for connectivity in the Institution. Among these actions are the mission critical servers, LAN data network, internet connection and IP telephony.

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