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UIS obtained a score of 4.85 in factor 2 for students, according to the results of the 2021 institutional self-assessment.

UIS Students
UIS Students

One of the factors taken into account for the results of the institutional self-evaluation 2021, was factor 2 Students, in which the Universidad Industrial de Santander had a score of 4.85 out of 5.0. The evaluation made it possible to determine the strengths and aspects to be improved, with the aim of continuing to position the UIS in the national and international spheres.

Among the results of Factor 2, the following stand out:

– The student admission regulations, clear and in the public domain, support rigorous, transparent, coherent processes, based on merit and intellectual capacities, which ensure the selection of the best under conditions of equity.

– The University has defined subsidies as aids to ensure the access and permanence of students with vulnerable socioeconomic conditions, as well as incentives to highlight the merits and recognitions received by students.

– The changes that have taken place in the regulations and processes for the selection of students have expanded the opportunity of access to demobilized students, vulnerable populations and minorities.

The participation of students in decision-making or advisory bodies (expanded in recent years) shows that the UIS has a participative and critical student body with respect to institutional developments and policies.

– The adoption of temporary and exceptional measures to support students in the face of the health and economic emergency. This support included: tuition assistance plan (with total or partial tuition discount), loan of computer equipment, allocation of mobile data plans, food vouchers, among others.

– The UIS has agreements with governmental, non-governmental and financial institutions to facilitate the admission and permanence of students. These agreements partially or totally finance tuition and living expenses of students, and include a follow-up process.

The Universidad Industrial de Santander is one step away from the Renewal of Institutional Accreditation. It should be noted that this renewal is of utmost importance, since it strengthens the culture of high quality, consolidates the culture of self-evaluation and continuous improvement for better levels of quality; it also demonstrates to the State and society the fulfillment, with high quality, of institutional achievements. It is expected that in the coming weeks the academic peers, delegated by the National Accreditation Council, will visit the University to learn about the progress of the last 8 years (2014 – 2021) and perform the respective external evaluation.