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The most modern health faculty in Latin America will be built with resources from the DNP – Governor’s Office – UIS

Governor of Santander-Rector UIS
Governor of Santander-Rector UIS

To get to know the spaces where the mega construction and modernization of the Faculty of Health of the Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS) will be carried out, executives of the National Planning Department (DNP), the governor of Santander, mayors of different municipalities of the Department and members of the Health Faculty Council, toured the facilities.

“The Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS) is pleased to inform the community that the construction of the new facilities of the Faculty of Health is already a reality. Between the parking lots and the current micro soccer field, a modern building of 5 floors, 2 basements, with more than 27 thousand square meters will be built. This work is expected to be ready in 2 and a half to 3 years”, informed the rector of The Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS), Hernán Porras Díaz.

This important project is included in the Santander Functional Pact, a program of the National and Departmental governments, which invests in various sectors to contribute to the economic reactivation of the country.

“This year will begin, not only the bidding process, but also the construction of the work. More than $114 billion and 27 thousand square meters, thanks to the National Planning Department, the Government of Santander and the University. This is the government of Santander fulfilling its obligations to The Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS),” said Governor Mauricio Aguilar.

This work, financed with resources from the National and Departmental governments and the Universidad Industrial de Santander, is one of the most ambitious projects of the Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS), which will benefit the training and practices of more than 1,800 students. It will be the most modern School of Health in Latin America. “Of the total work, the National Government has committed $60 billion. These works seek to bring a great transformation and support for the economic reactivation of the country,” said María Isabel Campo Cuello, national manager of Territorial Pacts of the DNP.

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