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“Comuneros 81: Resistance and Memory” at Sede UIS Bucarica

La Sala Macaregua at the Sede UIS Bucarica hosts the Exhibition "Comuneros 81: Resistance and Memory" until March 16.

On Thursday, March 14, a Panel and inauguration of the photographic exhibition “Comuneros 81: Resistance and Memory” will take place at the Sede UIS Bucarica.

The Universidad Industrial de Santander through the programa de Artes Plásticas of the Instituto de Proyección Regional y Educación a Distancia, IPRED UIS, joins the initiative called by Santanderian artists and the social movement that collects the legacy of the comuneros of ’81.

Regarding this, Professor Gonzalo Alberto Patiño Benavides, Director of IPRED UIS, expressed, “We join this collective effort of memory and dialogue of knowledge, which nourishes our mission axes of teaching, research, and extension.”

“Our territorial agenda with a differential focus is aimed from IPRED at strengthening ties with communities in the territories and jointly building a knowledge and culture heritage for the benefit of those who inhabit these places” emphasized the director.

It is worth mentioning that the program begins at 4:00 p.m. in the Salón Hormiga of the Sede UIS Bucarica, where a Panel will be developed with the following guests: Jairo Alberto Delgado Beltrán, Professor of the School of Law at the National University; Carlos Gutiérrez Cuevas, Sociologist and researcher; Germán Toloza Núñez, Bachelor of Social Sciences and student of the Maestría en Historia UIS; Priest Benjamín Pelayo Lizarazo and Mauricio Meza, Director of the Commitment Corporation.

The crafts and tasks of the communities in the south of Santander are presented in the photographs that make up the Exhibition "Comuneros 81: Resistance and Memory."

At 6:00 p.m., the inauguration is scheduled, in the Sala Macaregua, of the photographic exhibition “Comuneros 81: Resistance and Memory,” by Master Marco A González, a member of the “Bicentennial Comunero Generation” who, through his lens, documented the peasant mobilizations in the provinces of the south of Santander, to preserve the collective memory of the 70s and early 80s, images that allow “analyzing regional history and the change from rural to urban, highlighting traditional trades and human groups of the region” and to which biographies, life stories, and audiovisual material are added with which it seeks to “preserve the memory of the comuneros and their struggle for a better future.”

The photographic exhibition by Master Marco A González will be inaugurated this Thursday at the Sede UIS Bucarica.

It is worth mentioning that the artistic exhibition will start on March 16 a touring route through the municipalities of: Charalá, Socorro, San Gil, Mogotes, and Barichara, where the relevant events of the “Comuneros 81” mobilization occurred, which will extend until October 2024.

30 photographs make up the Exhibition "Comuneros 81: Resistance and Memory."