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Santander University Hospital (HUS) prepares for accreditation

Santander University Hospital (HUS) prepares for accreditation
Training of all ESE HUS institutional self-evaluation teams.

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Luz Marly Sánchez and Ana María Revelo, bacteriologists by training, with more than 15 years of experience in accreditation, accreditation renewal and accompaniment, are the professionals in charge of advising and supporting the accreditation team of Santander University Hospital (ESE HUS).

During this week, the external accreditation consultants will train all the institutional self-assessment teams of Santander University Hospital (Santander University Hospital (ESE HUS): Management, Human Resources Management, Technology Management, Information Management, Physical Environment Management, PACAS and Human Resources, in order to finalize details for the visit of the accreditation body, Colombian Institute of Technical Standards and Certification (Colombian Institute of Technical Standards and Certification (ICONTEC).

“For HUS to be in this process means the fruit of working together for more than 8 years, strengthened in the last 4 years. It is a satisfaction to be on the verge of the visit of the accreditation body to achieve the seal of accredited hospital, the hospital of the people of Santander,” said Lizeth Pinto, HUS accreditation coordinator.

After submitting the last report to ICONTEC on December 7th and having 8 institutional self-assessments with a score of 3.8, the Hospital Universitario de Santander is ready to receive the technical visit of the highest authority in our country in terms of regulations, techniques, and certifications. “To be accredited is to be on the red carpet of health institutions,” said Luz Marly Sanchez, external advisor, who motivated the Hospital’s work team, the people in charge of receiving the technical visit in March.

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