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It is beginning the process for the first presentation of SABER PRO and SABER TYT 2022.

First presentation of SABER PRO and SABER TYT 2022
First presentation of SABER PRO and SABER TYT 2022

We are pleased to inform that, in extended Steering Committee of December 28th, 2021 the ICFES approved the application of two Saber Pro exams per year starting in 2022, one in each semester.

In this regard, below, you will find the detailed description of the activities to be executed based on the guidelines given by ICFES for the application of the Saber Pro and Saber TyT tests corresponding to the first semester of the year:


This activity is the responsibility of the students and they have until Sunday, February 20th. It consists of registering on the University’s Web page using the following link: Students, Financial Services, Saber Pro (ECAES). The purpose of the registration is to verify compliance with the requirements and consolidate the database with the necessary information to include students as applicants to the test in the institutional process.

According to the criteria defined by the Ministerio de Educación, this test may be taken by those who plan to graduate in October 2022 and have passed 75% of the credits of the academic program they are taking; however, students who do not meet this requirement to date, but once 2021-2 ends, obtain it by passing the subjects they are taking, must request authorization from the Schools. The Schools will send to the e-mail saberuis@uis.edu.co, no later than Monday, February 21, the form attached to this e-mail, duly filled out with the data of the students they authorize to take the exam.


This activity is the responsibility of the Academic Vice Rector’s Office and consists of loading the students registered in the ICFES PRISMA platform one by one on the University’s web page and those authorized by the Schools. This process will take place from February 7th to 26th.


Once the University includes the student as an applicant in the PRISMA platform, the student will receive an e-mail from ICFES with a temporary username and password, which must be updated within a maximum period of 24 hours. To do so, the student must follow the steps indicated by ICFES.

If the student has already entered the PRISMA platform and has registered a username and password for a previous process, ICFES will take those data for this process and the student will not receive the email mentioned in the previous paragraph.

It is important to note that after this step, students must wait until February 28th for ICFES to enable the PRISMA platform for the registration and collection processes.


From February 28th, each student must enter the ICFES PRISMA platform (with the user name and password defined) and fill out the registration questionnaire, which consists of 5 tabs to be answered with personal, family, academic and exam information.  When you finish this process, you must click on the option PRE-REGISTER and then select the option ACCEPT.

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