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At the UIS Barbosa, it was created a support group for the mental health of young people

Photo showing support group working for the mental health of young people.

Communications Department

With a high motivation for the emotional well-being of our students, the UIS Barbosa team, led by its coordinator engineer, Daniel Alberto Másmela Castillo, has created the first support group for the mental health of young people in Barbosa. Its objective is to identify the local authorities and surveillance as well as control agencies involved in the different mental health and violence care routes, in order to articulate actions to provide comprehensive care for possible risk situations.

In this important initiative, a set of risk factors for the mental health of children, adolescents, and young people were analyzed, among which they found social, family, and emotional problems that affect not only their academic performance, but also their life projects. Some of the institutions participating were included the Municipal Health Secretariat, the Family Service Agency, the Personería, the local Hospital as well as their coordinators, and psychopedagogues from the Instituto Integrado de Comercio, the school Parroquial San Luis Gonzaga and the School Trinidad Camacho Pinzón.

After having established the participation of each of the actors, joint actions were defined to address the needs identified and thus develop strategies, both for prevention and immediate response that will involve the participation of parents, teachers, and administrators.

The UIS Barbosa will continue working at this interdisciplinary table that strengthens the collaborative work with public and private institutions, for the benefit of the children and youth of Barbosa.

Photo showing the coordinator of Barbosa Campus engineer Daniel Alberto Másmela Castillo