Shortcuts icon renews from march 14. Faster and more intuitive!

Image showing a screenshot of the university's new website.

Communications Department
In order to ensure greater interactivity with our university and external community and to project more opportunities for regional, national, and international impact, our web portal will change its image starting next Monday, March 14th.

The new web platform was projected and designed with ease of access to information in mind, so that both children and adults can navigate through all the contents and possibilities offered by the new interface.

For several months, a work team trained to make this new leap towards renewal studied in detail each change made to the web platform, so that students, professors, administrative staff, directors, alumni, and the community in general, could find their spaces in an easy and concrete way.

This new interface presents a different and more intuitive way of navigating, where you can find the contents, according to the guidelines of our mission axes of teaching, research, and extension.
“The current institutional web portal has been developed since 2009, and although it has been very useful for the University, it has reached its useful life, for this reason, an interdisciplinary group was created to develop a new site that improves accessibility and is responsive to improve its visibility from computers and cell phones,” said Robinson Delgado Rojas, head of the Information Services Division (DSI).

He specified that “the information systems are maintained, that is to say, students, professors, administrators and alumni will be able to continue with their functional and administrative tasks in the same way they have been doing so far, since information queries, data registration and generation of reports and processes will continue to be carried out in the same way as before, what changes is the route used on the website to reach these systems”.

This site will allow us to update the information of each unit, in a distributed way, under some web content management guidelines.

A new way to show ourselves to the world!