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With three extension programs, the UIS School of the Arts continues its commitment to the cultural development of the region

Image showing poster advertising open enrollment for music courses.
Poster image advertising open enrollment for music courses.

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From January 17th, you can enroll in any of the extension programs offered by the School of Arts of the Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS) for the first semester of 2022.

The Course in Music, the Pre-University Course in Music, and the Diploma in arrangements, adaptations, and audio recording, are the offers that are available for this occasion. Please note that the deadline for enrollment is February 28 because classes will begin the first week of March.

The Course in Music will be in person or remote and is aimed at children, young people, and adults, both from the UIS community and externally. There, those enrolled will develop their training process in musical grammar, instrumental ensemble, choral practice, and instruments in the areas of: fretted and plucked strings, piano, winds, woodwinds, woodwinds and brass, percussion, and singing.

In the case of the Pre-University Course in Music, this will be carried out in a hybrid form and students will be trained in subjects such as aural training, theory and solfeggio, complementary piano and main instrument, which are also divided into the areas mentioned above.

Finally, the Diploma in Arrangements, Adaptations, and Audio Recording, which will be done in a hybrid way, will meet the needs that are generated in today’s musical environments, both artistic and educational, where the musician must perform in various facets, such as arranger, producer, and creative. This is why the program is a complement to the previous knowledge of the participants and seeks to generate in them a growth in the topics of arrangements and production, which will be applied both in individual projects and in the groups, they lead or to which they belong.

“For this first semester, the School has three programs to offer. We invite you to review the musical training portfolio. Let’s remember that UIS is a seal of quality, so each person can look for what best suits their needs. We are waiting for you to start this 2022-1 being part of the University’s music training programs,” said Robinson Giraldo Villegas, director of the School of Arts. With this offer, the School of Arts continues to be committed to the cultural development of the region. Each program is under the guidance of music professionals and advanced undergraduate students who, together with the administrative staff assigned to the unit, contribute to the institutional effort of training citizens through the practice, knowledge, and enjoyment of music.

For more information about costs, class schedules, and development of the program of your interest, please visit this link: or call 6344000 extension 2235. You can also write to the e-mail: