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With a score of 4.64 (out of 5.0), the UIS fully complies with the self-evaluation and self-regulation processes.

The UIS fully complies with the self-evaluation and self-regulation processes.
The UIS fully complies with the self-evaluation and self-regulation processes.

As a result of an institutional culture that recognizes, plans and evaluates itself permanently, the Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS) develops participatory and continuous planning and self-regulation processes, aimed at renewing objectives, plans and projects of great institutional and social impact.

With a score of 4.64 (out of 5.0) in the results of institutional self-evaluation, a process in which students, professors, managers, administrators, graduates, employers and the external community participate, the full degree of compliance with Factor 8: Self-evaluation and self-regulation processes is evident.

These results will be presented to the academic peers, appointed by the National Accreditation Council, during the external evaluation to be held at the end of February, which members of the university community will be able to attend in-person modality and at stipulated times.

Among the main results of Fact 8, the following stand out:

– Self-evaluation and self-regulation are part of the institutional culture and are aimed at identifying strengths and areas for improvement. To this end, the UIS has solid self-evaluation, planning and information systems.

– The UIS has 40 accredited programs (25 undergraduate and 15 graduate) and 16 programs in the process of accreditation or renewal of accreditation before the CNA.

– The formulation of the Institutional Development Plan (PDI) 2019-2030, a management instrument that establishes the strategic guidelines for the organization and efficient disposition of resources, which allow guiding, on an annual basis, the management programming and budget planning so that they respond to the strategic objectives declared by the Institution.

– Information systems that allow the recording, organization and use of information for planning, self-evaluation and informed decision making in academic and administrative processes. The Institutional Information Systems Renewal project is currently underway.

– The periodic evaluation of the strata that make up the university community allows the recognition of strengths and enables the continuous improvement of human talent and processes. In accordance with the above, there are evaluation systems for managers, professors and administrative personnel.

– The Institution has the Internal Control and Management Evaluation Department, the Integrated Management System (SGI) certified under ISO 9001:2015, and the generation of indicators for decision making, ensuring compliance with standards and procedures, accountability, the culture of transparency and the exercise of autonomy. – The participation and reflective and critical view of the university community in the self-evaluation and planning processes carried out at the University has been important to identify strengths, areas for improvement, challenges and challenges for the future.