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UIS and University of Toronto, in search of alternatives in the energy transition

The Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS) was the scene of a momentous event when it received representatives from the renowned University of Toronto. The purpose of this visit was to establish a strategic collaboration to explore innovative solutions in the field of energy transition.

During the meeting, both academic institutions exchanged knowledge and experiences, highlighting the importance of finding sustainable and efficient alternatives in the use of energy resources. Key issues such as the development of clean technologies and the promotion of renewable energies were discussed.

Carlos Vecino, director of the Directorate of External Relations, expressed his enthusiasm for this international collaboration, stating that “the joint efforts and synergy between our universities will allow us to promote research and innovation for a more sustainable energy future”.

For his part, the delegation of the University of Toronto, Nazir Khenari, praised the commitment and vision of the UIS in this field, highlighting the potential of this partnership to generate a positive impact globally.

This joint initiative between universities represents a significant step in the search for concrete solutions to current energy challenges, demonstrating the transformative power of collaboration and the exchange of ideas between institutions of academic excellence.