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Tunarte UIS captivates with its music and dance on tour in Spain

Colombian music continues to cross borders thanks to Tunarte UIS, which continues its tour in Spain.

With songs like Que nadie sepa mi sufrir, the Estudiantina madrileña, the Colombian bambuco Bésame morenita, La Gota fría, El Alma de paloma and Las plazas de mi Sevilla, the group of the Universidad Industrial de Santander captivated for 23 minutes the attendees at the XXXIII International Contest of Tunas Costa Cálida, held in Murcia (Spain).

After two years of pandemic, returns this international contest of great recognition and one of the oldest related to tuinas, which are held annually.

The event has become a meeting point and twinning of tunas from different cities and countries, which has made Murcia the center of the tunar, in spring.

On the evening of Thursday, April 21, the awards will be given to soloists, tambourine players, vocal arrangement, and musical proposal.

“It has been wonderful to be in Murcia participating in this event. I participated in the Best Soloist award and I hope it has been a good experience”, said José Cárdenas, El tuno de Oro golf, member of the

Tunarte UIS celebrated the competition performances with the participation of colleagues from:

Tuna of the UNED of Elche.
Tuna of Sciences of Granada.
Tuna of Medicine of Granada.
Tuna of the Faculty of Medicine of La Laguna de Tenerife.
Tuna University of Maastricht of the Netherlands.
Tuna de la Escuela Politécnica Superior de Jaén.

On Friday, April 22th, the tuna performs a round under the balcony of the City Hall in the Glorieta, which will serve as a preview of the closing gala at the Pérgola de San Basilio.
Subsequently, on Tuesday, April 26th, the group will be in Toledo performing other musical presentations. The tour ends on Sunday, May 1th in Segovia.