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Tunarte UIS begins its tour of four cities in Spain

Tunarte UIS, a tuna attached to the School of Arts of the UIS, began its third international tour in Spain.

During this tour, which begins today Monday, April 18th in Spain (land of the art of tunas), they will share traditional events, accompanied by the tunas of Medicine, from La Laguna de Tenerife; UNEED of Elche; the University of Oporto, Mastrich and tuna of the University of Puerto Rico, among others.

The Tuna de la Universidad Industrial de Santander will perform in Madrid, Murcia, Segovia and Toledo, where they will interpret their repertoire with Colombian stamp, with songs like La gota fría, Te mando flores, Bésame morenita, La lora, El tigre, El marinero, El aguacero, as well as cumbias and paseos characteristic of coastal music.

Tunarte UIS will participate in the XXXIII Certamen Internacionas de Tunas Costa Cálida, as part of the spring festival, an event considered the most important held annually in Spain, organized by the Tuna de la Facultad de Medicina de Murcia and the City of Murcia.

The group Tunarte UIS left Colombia on April 17th. It will make musical interventions in Segovia, Toledo and Madrid (Spain), leaving the Colombian flavor in every corner where it arrives.