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The library provides the best tools for researchers and students in their thesis work

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Communications Department

The Library of the Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS) informs the academic community that, within the “Portafolio de Recursos Electrónicos 2022”, it has managed the Transformative Publishing Agreements with open access, a contract between institutions and publishers that offers a subscription model to provide an open access publishing service for digital content.

Within these “Transformative Open Access Publishing Agreement”, the institution coordinated the Colombia Consortium with the publishers Elsevier, Springer, Nature, and Taylor and Francis, to obtain bibliographic tools that give the UIS community an academic plus in research and learning.

Starting in March, the University will announce its ‘Online Institutional Repository’, a platform that integrates academic and cultural extension content in digital format, such as theses, degree works, academic events, institutional journals, scientific production, among others. This, with the purpose of achieving national and international dissemination of the institutional work as a generator of knowledge.

In addition, the Library now has ORCID Premium membership, a mechanism to make visible and identify researchers and their publications within the academic world. And ‘PROQUEST DISSERTATIONS AND THESES’, a platform with access to 5 million doctoral theses worldwide since 1637 for downloading in PDF format. The director of the Library, Pedro García Obando, sent a message to the academic and administrative community for the good use of these new tools acquired: “These resources are composed of the best access books for all students and administrative staff who require any academic consultation; so take advantage and make good use of these digital tools for the benefit of their training as professionals”.