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The CENIVAM opened its doors for the Fibras-Santander Seminar

Image showing CENIVAM laboratory
Image of CENIVAM laboratory
Image showing informative poster of Fibers Seminar
Image of the Fibers Seminar poster
Image showing the nature trail leading to the entrance of CENIVAM
Image of the nature trail leading to the entrance of CENIVAM
Images showing the CENIVAM group
Images CENIVAM group

Communications Department

The second day of the Fibras-Santander Seminar took place with a guided tour of Cenivam and a presentation by Dr. Elena Stashenko.

During the tour, the attendees learned about the history of the place, the usefulness of the plants and above all the work that has been developed there in favor of scientific progress that benefits the region and the country.

“This was a garbage dump at the beginning. They gave us the place and little by little we built it to what it is today. In the future we have plans to combine the plants with music, that is, in the garden we can listen to works by Mozart, Chopin, Bach, for example. We also need to put QR codes on the plants so that people can see more information and interesting data that will be useful for knowledge,” explained Professor Stashenko, director of Cenivam.

The academic space was useful for the co-creation of an agenda in research, technological development and innovation associated with conservation, sustainable uses of biodiversity and the construction of local bioeconomies.The activity was organized by the Humboldt Institute and Ecopetrol, with the support of Cenivam, the Government of Santander, the Bio-Challenge XXI 15:50 Program and the CDMB.