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Physiotherapy graduate will be the next guest at “a coffee with alumni”.

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Olga Villamil, a 1994 graduate of the Physical Therapy program, with more than 27 years of professional experience, will be the next guest at a coffee with alumni.

In response to the North American shortage of physical therapists, Olga immigrated to the U.S. in 1996. There she worked in Gary Indiana, Chicago, Illinois and is currently based in New York.

She currently works as a Physical Therapist for the Organization for People with Developmental Disabilities and Physical Disabilities (OPWDD). Her professional experience extends to practices in rehabilitation homes in minority communities, government hospitals (V.A. Lakeside Hospital in Chicago), domiciliary, outpatient clinics, hospitals, sub-acute rehabilitation centers, intermediate intervention centers,

and clinics. Olga has distinguished herself by coordinating and directing the New York State New Employee Education Program for Organization of People with Developmental Disabilities and Physical Disabilities (OPWDD). Olga’s reputation as a professional and compassionate expert in her field, and as an active member of the community, has resulted in recognition by the State of New York as a 2017 Professional Woman of Distinction and recognition by the New York State Office of Human Resources as a member of the Department for Talent and Employee Education Training.