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Open enrollment in postgraduate research programs: First academic semester of 2022

Image showing who is the target audience for the PhD and MSc in Materials Engineering.
Doctoral Studies in Materials Engineering

Communications Department

Until January 24th there is a deadline to make the payment to enroll in the Doctorate or Master’s Degree in Materials Engineering offered by the School of Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science of the Universidad Industrial de Santander.

The purpose of the PhD is to train advanced-level researchers to be autonomous and creative generators of new and relevant knowledge that produce original scientific and technological advances of worldwide scope in the area of materials engineering.

It has a duration of eight semesters, is developed in person and is taught by professors from various schools of the university and other national or international universities, all of whom have the highest level of training and extensive experience in research in the field of materials science and engineering.

It has the qualified registration granted by the Resolution of the Ministerio de Educación Nacional (MEN) No. 011940 of November 14, 2019.

For its part, the Master’s Degree in Materials Engineering seeks to develop research skills in the student through the execution of a research degree work in this area, so that he/she can later join universities, scientific and technological research centers, and companies in which they develop and lead research activities in coherence with technological needs.

Its duration is four semesters, in-person modality, and its qualified registration was granted by Resolution of the Ministerio de Educación No. 6881 of May 13, 2014. It also received high-quality accreditation in April 2019.

For more information, call 6344000 extensions 2498 or 1329. You can also write to and You can also review the attached PDF that contains details of costs, curriculum, and other relevant aspects you need to know about each program.