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LOW MAUS chair addresses this thursday the subject of cumbia in Bucaramanga

Image showing illustration of Bucaramanga's 400th anniversary
Image 400 years of Bucaramanga

Communications Department

Is it valid to accept that Bucaramanga be proposed as world capital of cumbia, as proposed by the mayor? Well, this rhythm, which provokes not only the desire to dance but now a great controversy, will be the subject of the seventh session of the Low Maus Chair 2021- 2 this Thursday, January 27, starting at 3:00 p. m. Watch broadcast on Facebook.

The guest speakers are Julio César Acelas and Jaison Neutra, who will address the topic A rhythm and its contexts, cumbia in Bucaramanga, from their experience in academic analysis and musical activity, respectively.

The central purpose of the session is to provide elements to understand the convergence between global and local contexts, which is expressed in the popularity of cumbia in the city, as well as the influence of technological elements and socioeconomic conditions.

With this exchange of experiences and concepts, it is intended that attendees, both students and the general public, can understand and analyze the recent proposal of the Mayor’s Office of Bucaramanga to position the city as the “world capital of cumbias”.

The session will be held in-person modality at the Agora auditorium of the Faculty of Human Sciences and will have virtual transmission for the general public through the institutional Facebook UIS Those interested in deepening in the subject can consult the following materials: Bucaramanga: “world capital of cumbias” The sound narrative of Jaison Neutra | EL ESPECTADOR