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Live the V UIS Virtual Job Fair

Dear UIS students and graduates,

The Institutional Program of UIS Graduates, is allowed to invite you to participate in the fifth edition of the UIS Virtual Job Fair, to be held from August 23, 2022 to August 30, 2022.

The Virtual Employment Fair led by the Industrial University of Santander, is an event that this year will continue to implement the virtual format, seeking to generate synergies between the Industrial University of Santander and the workplace, as well as promote interaction between companies and UIS students and graduates.

This is also an opportunity to project new professionals, publicize their profiles and skills, make visible the trends, needs and requirements of the labor market, facilitate labor intermediation processes and promote and strengthen relations between the Industrial University of Santander, graduates, students and their environment.

Pre-register at no cost at this link:

In this virtual format, participants will be able to find:

· The presence of the best companies with current offers

· Positions and salaries according to the UIS profile

· Access from computers and mobile devices

· Availability 8 days 24 hours a day

· No need for travel

· Friendly, accessible and modern website

· Notification of successful submission of the resume

· National coverage.

This fair is a 100% online space where students and UIS graduates can access for free the job offers available for the different profiles. This innovative platform allows companies to carry out their recruitment activities as in a face-to-face job fair, but taking advantage of all the advantages and scope that a virtual environment delivers.

The virtual platform makes the job search more practical for users, since it is not necessary to move anywhere, or deliver printed copies of the Resume or the job application at the facilities of each company. UIS students and graduates from all over the national territory and even from abroad may apply.

Participating is very easy:

Register for the V UIS Virtual Job Fair by following the following steps:

1. Click on the following link:

2. Register and / or update your resume to participate, if you have an account in the you can enter with the same credentials

3. We will send you an email when you start the Virtual Fair so you can find the best deals. To resolve any concerns or receive guidance about participation in the Fair, both undergraduate semester students, graduate students, as well as undergraduate and graduate graduates and companies, may contact the staff of the Institutional Alumni Program through email: and , by calling (7) 6344000 extension 2871 or in the Casona la Perla located in the facilities of the Universidad carrera 27 calle 9 Ciudad Universitaria in Bucaramanga