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‘KIMEN’, a challenge that strengthens decision-making, organization and planning skills. ¡Registration open!

KIMEN-UIS Challenge
KIMEN-UIS Challenge

In order to motivate learning, entertainment and interpersonal and social management skills, through the simulation of a project video game, the Faculty of Physical and Mechanical Engineering UIS created the ‘KIMEN Challenge’, an initiative for academic purposes.

The ‘KIMEN Challenge’, which will be held on February 25 from 2:00 p. m. to 6:00 p. m., is divided into two phases: ‘Preparation’ is the first one, where participants can learn how to use the simulator and the second one, ‘Competition and Awards’, is when participants will develop their skills to obtain the highest score and become the winner.

What is KIMEN?

KIMEN PM is a video game-project simulator, where decision-making, organization and planning skills are applied. This gamified simulator, created by Kimen Games, is used under license in the Project Management courses of the School of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications (E3T) and uses solid pedagogical bases, based on the pillars of educational neuroscience.

The community interested in participating can register through the link, enter their personal data and get ready to participate. For more information, go to the Kimen Games website where you can learn everything related to the rules, conditions and registration of the UIS challenge