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In-Science’ brought together the academic talent of the School of Industrial and Business Studies

Communications Department

On Wednesday afternoon, March 2nd, it was special for the community of the School of Industrial and Business Studies thanks to the realization of the ‘In-Science’.

This was a scientific dissemination event in which knowledge was socialized through presentations and at the same time different research projects developed in the School were exhibited.

 “The main purpose of this event is to showcase the School’s research. But beyond that is the integration between university, business, state, which allows us to have a more applied research,” said Carlos Eduardo Diaz Bohorquez, director of the School of Industrial and Business Studies.

‘Perspective and prospective of data analytics for decision making’ was the keynote lecture of the day. Jorge Rueda Serrano, logistics manager of Distraves S.A and Henry Lamos Díaz, UIS professor, participated in it.

“For me this is a great opportunity to give back to the University everything it has given me. And talking to future engineers about the opportunities that exist in companies and perhaps one does not know is important because they become experts to take the tools and be useful for companies, “said Rueda Serrano, who graduated as an industrial engineer UIS in 2007.

During the event, students had the opportunity to present their research projects, in poster format, so that visitors could learn more about the knowledge produced at UIS.

In-Science’ ended with the talk ‘Data analytics for decision making: from research to action’, given by Orlando Contreras Pacheco (director of the Finance & Management Group), Néstor Ortiz Pimiento (director of the Ópalo Group) and Hugo Martínez Ardila (postgraduate coordinator).