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First call for candidates to expand the number of professorships 2022 is open

Call for professors
Call for professors

If you are interested in teaching and have sufficient skills and knowledge for teaching in higher education, you may register in the first call for candidates to expand the pool of eligible candidates for professors 2022.

In accordance with the Institutional Project, the University seeks to hire professors with human qualities, work capacity and academic and educational excellence, who are committed to continuous professional development, both in disciplinary aspects and pedagogical skills, strengthening and energizing the educational work.

Remember that, in order to aspire to be a professor at the institution, you must recognize the development of competencies (knowledge, skills, attitudes) and reasoning processes used by students to propose solutions regarding the defined performance standards, according to the Pedagogical Model.

This model materializes the curricular premises defined by the educational community, fulfills the function of guiding or routing the pedagogical practices used by the various educational actors, guarantees the application of scientific developments on the nature and quality of learning, promotes the use of methods, techniques and procedures that allow the efficient achievement of the goals set by the educational community, and promotes the use of methods, techniques and procedures that allow the efficient achievement of the goals set by the educational community, techniques and procedures that allow efficiently reaching a high index of academic congruence, and facilitates the implementation, development and evaluation of a proper system of pedagogical innovation that accounts for the changes made in teaching, and in the other dynamics of functioning of other elements in what we could call the curricular system, composed of three areas: macro, meso- and micro-curricular.

Those interested in participating in the call for applications must fill out the following online form ( and upload in a single file in PDF format the resume in the form established by the university, the application form, the letter of application, academic degrees, experience certifications, academic productivity and certifications of refresher courses.

Applications will be accepted until March 8, 2022. Those who enter the bank of eligible candidates and are hired by the academic units will develop teaching activities in-person modality.

These are the profiles summoned in the first call for candidates to expand the Bank of Eligible Candidates for professorships 2022:


     School of Biology

     School of Physics

     School of Mathematics

     School of Chemistry


     School of Arts

School of Law and Political Science

     School of Education

     School of Philosophy

     School of Languages

     School of Social Work


     School of Geology

     School of Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science

     School of Petroleum Engineering

     School of Chemical Engineering


     School of Industrial Design

     School of Industrial and Business Studies

     School of Civil Engineering

     School of Electrical, Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering

     School of Mechanical Engineering

     School of Systems and Computer Engineering


     School of Microbiology

     School of Nursing

     School of Physiotherapy

     School of Nutrition and Dietetics

     School of Medicine

          Department of Surgery

          Department of Gynecobstetrics

          Department of Internal Medicine

          Department of Pathology

          Department of Pediatrics

          Department of Mental Health

          Department of Public Health


          Barbosa Campus

          Barrancabermeja Campus

          Malaga Campus

Socorro Campus