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Engineer Luis Orlando Aguirre elected as representative of Colombian university professors to Cesu

With 31 votes in favor, out of a total of 35, the professor attached to the School of Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science of the Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS), is re-elected as representative of university professors to the Consejo Nacional de Educación Superior (Cesu).

“For the process, 23 public and 12 private universities registered. Three of us applied for the position and together we are building the guidelines for the Cesu and Ministry of Education’s 2022 action plan. We made progress in the analysis of those activities that are still pending and the new ones that we must review. We are going to restructure Cesu regulations to give more legitimacy to the representations because there are cases of the counselor who are elected practically with their vote because there is little participation of registered members”, said Professor Aguirre.

Professor Aguirre is a Metallurgical Engineer, with a Master of Science in Metallurgical Engineering from the School of Metallurgical Engineering of the University of Minas de Colorado, United States; has held various administrative positions within the Universidad Industrial de Santander.

Among them: are the director of the School of Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science; the representative of the school directors to the Academic Council and the president of the Association of Professors of the UIS. In addition to being a full professor of the university since 1973.

He was initially elected as a representative of the professors to the Cesu in 2015, in 2017 he was re-elected for the second time with 22 votes. The possession and the respective oath-taking of the member of the National Council of Higher Education Cesu will take place in the next session of the Council.