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Women’s work, a source of exploitation or emancipation? Conversatory

Graphic piece Virtual conversation
Graphic piece Women’s work, source of exploitation or emancipation? Conversatory

Communications Department

The School of Law and Political Science invites the entire community to participate in the discussion “Women’s work as a source of exploitation or emancipation?”, which will take place on Thursday, January 27, 2022 at 4:00 p. m. and will be broadcast live via Facebook from the page of the School of Law and Political Science UIS: www.facebook.com/UISDerecho – @UISDerecho.

These spaces are opened with the objective of analyzing the role of women in labor relations, both in the rural and urban sectors, and to discuss the conception of work and its aspects as sources of emancipation or exploitation.

Likewise, to make visible and discuss how women’s work has been a demonized role, hidden and little discussed in a world dominated by men and the discussion of the multiple roles that have been socially assigned to women. A very important issue in the Colombian population due to wage inequalities, access to education, undignified conditions, sexualization, commodification, commodification, violence, inequality, simultaneous roles, discrimination, among others.

These talks, which address these topics, are important in a world that is constantly changing in order to generate safe, reliable and non-repetitive work spaces. Also, it is not superfluous to take into account the health emergency caused by COVID-19, and the obligation to analyze whether the issues of these labor relations became even more acute and implement measures in the short, medium and long term for their eradication.

Invited experts:

Mayra Restrepo, director of communications Escuela Nacional Sindical.

Ana Teresa Vélez, consultant in public policies on care economy.

Ana Cecilia Ojeda Avellaneda, Dean Faculty of Human Sciences UIS Moderator: Marely Cely Silva, lawyer and professor of the School of Law and Political Science UIS

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