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“With these donations our classrooms can be improved and our classes will be more dynamic.”

Image showing students from the Yariguíes locality.
The UIS is fulfilling its commitment to the Province of Yariguíes

Communications Department

There are efforts that bring great satisfaction, such as the one given by the students of San Luis Gonzaga School, in El Carmen del Chucurí, to the delegation of the Donaciones con responsabilidad Social program of the Universidad Industrial de Santander, which arrived there to deliver school furniture and equipment that will allow them to receive education in optimal conditions.

Reaching this place represents 151 kilometers and 4 hours of travel. This was not an impediment for the UIS delegation to undertake the route that, from 4:30 in the morning, would take them to fulfill the appointment with the children of this town in Santander, in the Province of Yariguíes. 

None of the students waited to receive the furniture and elements delivered by the UIS. Although some of them are too young to understand, the older ones know that this will benefit them in every class. “With the furniture donations, our classrooms can improve, because of the fact of having a better chair and more devices. We will have more dynamic classes, with a change of study method and one as a student, which gives more interest, “said Andrés Emilio Cáceres Sanabria, student of the San Luis Gonzaga school.

In turn, Benjamín Centeno Díaz, rector of the school, reiterated that these donations will be a benefit for the students, due to the needs they have. “It is a relief to have obtained these elements.”

The director of Bienestar Estudiantil of the UIS, Isnardo Ardila Rueda, who is from Carmelo and an alumnus of this institution, is no stranger to the situation of the San Luis Gonzaga School. That is why, when he found out that they had requested the donation of furniture and other basic elements for teaching, he wanted to be part of the delegation. “The importance for me is that it is the foundation of the support and initial impulse to continue studying. As a native of here, I know the different circumstances of education in this municipality, we know that there are deficiencies, especially in physical and technological infrastructure; this opportunity to access the benefit of donation of the UIS will benefit the school, “reiterated Ardila Rueda.

This ‘route’, which seeks to dignify the public sector, has already completed 125 deliveries in 12 years. On this occasion, the program donated armchairs, chairs, televisions, desks, tables, desks, musical instruments, boards, video beams, microscopes, scales, laboratory equipment, magnifying glasses, and laboratory kitchen, among other items, which will undoubtedly be of great use.

Academia and culture

The visit gave the opportunity to share with the students of the school, their dreams and professional goals; for this reason, the director of Bienestar Estudiantil, Ardila Rueda, spoke to them about the benefits and advantages of being a student of the Universidad Industrial de Santander and the varied academic offerings it provides. 

“The young people of the municipalities see the University as something far away, but it is necessary to recognize that in our country the possibilities of studying are high; in a public university like the UIS, we have subsidy programs supported by the Government and the support of the UIS through the Bienestar Estudiantil,” he said.

Meanwhile, students expressed their interest and desire to continue their university studies at the UIS. “I would like to study law at the UIS and that is why I consider these talks where they show us the careers that exist,” said Claudia Cardenas Colmenares, a student of Colegio San Luis Gonzaga.

These visits also seek to provide a healthy recreation opportunity… There, laughter and music were the protagonists; during the day, the UIS Theater Group presented the play “El hombre que se convirtió en perro”, and the Music and Folkloric Dances Group, with dances of the corridors.

In appreciation for the donation, the first-grade students offered a musical presentation to the UIS civil servants, in which they demonstrated their great artistic talent.

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