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With the work ‘orígenes y legado mujer indígena’, Franklin Piaguaje won at the ‘Festival Latinograff Minga’ festival

Image Festival Latinograff Minga
Festival Latinograff Minga

With his work ‘Origins and Legacy of Indigenous Women’, Franklin Piaguaje, member of the Siona indigenous community and student of Plastic Arts of the Institute of Regional Projection and Distance Education (Ipred) of the Universidad Industrial de Santander, was the winner of the ‘Latin Graff Festival 2021: Minga’, a project that brings together different neo-muralist artists worldwide.

In recognition of his art and the rescue of his origins, this award earned him a trip to French Guiana, where he arrived to replicate his work in the Amazonian Park of Guiana, while he participated in an important event in Toulouse, France.

In his work, captured in the striking murals that identify him, Franklin integrated elementary and high school students and young people from the Teko and Wayapi indigenous communities.

“The mural meant the visibilization of these indigenous communities from their cosmovision, through a mural. The work depicts sacred animals and legends, transmitted by the indigenous elders. More than making a mural, it was the value of transmitting their roots in this work, so that others can see their legacy. In addition, the example that an indigenous person could make a contribution from art to his brothers, as a transmitter of security and pride”, Franklin expressed enthusiastically.

He also spoke about his international experience. “Undoubtedly, it was an unforgettable experience, which helped me to advance in my professional and personal development. But the greatest pride is to be indigenous and representative of the UIS in what I like to do most, create works of art, build identity from my personal imagery, have a special sensitivity to the world, and be an example for new students of arts or any of the careers and other universities.”

This project is supported by the Guayana Amazon Park, one of the largest national parks in the European Union, which covers an area of 20,300 square kilometers. It also had the collaboration of the administrative region of French Guiana, the only region of continental South America that includes a European country, and the Guayabo Collective Festival.

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