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With the purpose of accreditation, CNA started the quality verification process of the Master’s Program in Mathematics Education.

Image showing members of the School of Mathematics.
UIS directors, members of the School of Mathematics and academic peers during the virtual meeting held this Tuesday
Image showing Carlos Alberto Trujillo Solarte
Carlos Alberto Trujillo Solarte, coordinating peer.
Image showing Julián Armando Abril Luna
Julián Armando Abril Luna, academic peer.

Communications Department

Carlos Alberto Trujillo Solarte and Julián Armando Abril Luna were the two academic peers appointed by the National Accreditation Council (CNA) to begin the process of verification of the quality conditions of the UIS graduate program, Master in Mathematics Education, in the framework of the evaluation for accreditation purposes.

The rector, Hernán Porras Díaz, directors of the institution and members of the School of Mathematics of the Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS) welcomed the academic peers through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

On the other hand, the UIS members shared relevant aspects and qualities of the University regarding the institutional project, academic processes, administrative procedures and details of the graduate program of the School of Mathematics.

Carlos Alberto Trujillo Solarte (Coordinating Peer) has a degree in Mathematics from the Universidad del Cauca and a PhD in Mathematics from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid; Julián Armando Abril Luna has a degree in Mathematics and a PhD in Science – Statistics from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

On Tuesday, March 8th and Wednesday, March 9th, the directors and members of the Master’s program in Mathematics Education and the School of Mathematics will share information and resolve the concerns of the academic peers. Based on what has been observed and what has been consigned in the documents, the peers will prepare a report on the fulfillment of the quality conditions of this program, which will be delivered to the National Accreditation Council, who will finally issue its concept. The challenge is to follow the precepts of the Institutional Development Plan that indicate the need for the UIS to strengthen its internationalization process and, at the same time, improve the levels of competitiveness and quality of its academic programs.

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