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We keep moving forward in the “route” of the dignification of the public. Donaciones con responsabilidad Social reaches el Carmen de Chucurí

Communications Department

It is said that donating generates welfare and contributes to the development of the country. With the aim of supporting school education and rural public educational institutions, the Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS), through the program ‘Donaciones con Responsabilidad Social UIS’, will make the 125th delivery.

On this occasion, the beneficiary is the San Luis Gonzaga School, in the municipality of El Carmen de Chucurí (Santander), who will receive laboratory equipment, audiovisual equipment and musical instruments, among others, as donations on Friday, March 4.

According to Luz Marina Duarte García, head of the Inventory Section of the UIS and leader of the program ‘Donaciones con Responsabilidad Social UIS’, she assured that, after the previous request of the rectors of the institution, they proceeded to clean and reestablish requested elements such as: armchairs, chairs, televisions, desks, tables, desks, musical instruments, boards, video beam, microscopes, scales, laboratory equipment, magnifying glasses and laboratory kitchen, among others.

“The rectors of the rural institution come to the warehouse and select the items they need for their school. Although it is second hand, they are delivered in better excellent conditions,” said Duarte García.

In addition to these donations that are made through the program ‘Donaciones con Responsabilidad Social UIS’, the civil servants of the UIS make collections to assemble school kits that are delivered to the children of the institution, which contain: notebook, pencils, pencil sharpeners, erasers, among other school supplies.

The day will also include cultural and educational activities and a talk by Bienestar Universitario.


Schools wishing to apply and benefit from these donations must: be public, be located in the rural sector, and send a letter stating the conditions for which they require the donation and the items requested.  It is expected to make 30 donations to educational institutions in the department in 2022. The donation to Colegio San Luis Gonzaga is the second one made this year.