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Universidad Industrial de Santander stands out in the CWUR world rankings

In a display of academic and research excellence, the Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS) has managed to position itself as the third best public university in Colombia and the sixth among all higher education institutions in the country, both public and private. This achievement has been recognized by the prestigious Center for World University Rankings (CWUR) in its most recent list of the 2,000 best universities in the world.

The CWUR, which has been publishing its ranking since 2012, is known for its rigor and objectivity, as it does not rely on surveys or data provided by the universities evaluated. In its methodology, the CWUR analyzes seven indicators grouped into four main areas:

  • Quality in education (25%): this criterion is based on the academic success of a university’s graduates, measured in relation to the size of the institution. It includes the number of graduates who have received international awards and medals.
    Employability (25%): This indicator measures the professional success of alumni, also in relation to the size of the university. It considers the number of graduates who have reached CEO positions in major companies.
  • Faculty quality (10%): This is evaluated by the number of faculty members who have received the highest academic distinctions, such as Nobel prizes and medals in relevant disciplines.
  • Research performance (40%): Comprises four sub-indicators:

Research output (10%): Measured by the total number of research papers.
High-quality publications (10%): Measured by the number of papers published in top-tier journals.
Influence (10%): Based on the number of research papers appearing in influential journals.
Citations (10%): Considered by the number of highly cited research articles.

In this edition, CWUR evaluated 20,966 universities and selected the top 2,000. The presence of UIS in the ranking among the best Colombian universities is a reflection of the commitment and dedication of its academic community in key areas such as research, despite the challenges in terms of publications in WoS and SCOPUS journals.

Other Colombian universities highlighted in the ranking include Universidad Nacional, which leads the country; Universidad de Los Andes; Universidad de Antioquia; Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and Universidad Antonio Nariño These institutions demonstrate the growing quality of higher education in Colombia and its ability to compete on the global stage.

The success of the UIS in the CWUR ranking is not only a source of pride for its university community, but also an indicator of the positive impact of public education in the country. The university continues its mission to train high-level professionals and contribute significantly to the scientific and technological development of Colombia.