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United for the strengthening of public higher education

Colombian Association of Universities
Colombian Association of Universities

The Board of Directors of the Colombian Association of Universities (Ascún) held an ordinary session to discuss topics of interest for the benefit of public higher education. The meeting took place at the Colombian Association of Universities in Bogota and was attended by the rector of the Universidad Industrial de Santander, Hernán Porras Díaz.

During the session, the directors addressed rectorial issues such as the construction of the strategic agenda of the National Council of Higher Education (Cesu) for the year 2022; the presentation of the Executive Director’s report, among other topics.

Among the members of the Board of Directors were present: rector UIS Hernán Porras Díaz; Carlos Felipe Londoño Álvarez, vice president of Ascún and rector of Universidad EIA; María Clara Rangel Galvis, rector of Universidad El Bosque; Edgar Varela Barrios, rector of Universidad del Valle; Fray José Gabriel Mesa Angulo, general rector of Universidad Santo Tomás and representative of the Private Universities before CESU.

The meeting was also attended by: Juan Camilo Montoya Bozzi, rector of the Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga and representative of the private HEIs on the Icetex Board of Directors; Felipe Arias, advisor to the Minister of Sports; José Joaquin Sáenz, advisor to the Minister of Sports; Oscar Domínguez, Executive Director of Ascún; Juan Guillermo Hoyos, Executive Secretary of Ascún; Daniela Gómez, Director of Communication Management and Institutional Promotion of the Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira; Jorge Camargo, Private Secretary of the Vice President of the Republic of Colombia and Luis Armando Soto Boutin, Director of Cultural Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; the other directors participated virtually. It should be noted that the meeting of Academic Vice-Rectors is being prepared for February 17 and 18 with the theme “Measuring impact in academic management for innovation and transformation in the new regulatory framework”.