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UIS students can renew the ICETEX credit or benefit for the period 2022 – I

Renewal of ICETEX credit or benefit for the period 2022 - I
Renewal of ICETEX credit or benefit for the period 2022 – I

In order to successfully carry out the process of renewal of educational credit lines and ICETEX scholarships, students of the Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS), who belong or are active users, must prepare the data update and submit the forms on the platform of the Ministerio de Educación Nacional for the period 2022-I.

Members of the UIS academic community who integrate the ICETEX credit or are beneficiaries of scholarships Ser Pilo o Paga, Generation E – Excellence and Funds, Victims of the armed conflict, among others, may access this support in undergraduate and graduate studies in higher education.

The deadline for UIS students to update their documents is from Thursday, February 24th to Tuesday, March 15th. These are the steps to perform a successful renewal before the ICETEX:

Update data on the ICETEX platform during the period provided for this purpose. This must be done every semester, remember to enter the link, register data and fill out the form (https://web.icetex.gov.co/creditos/gestion-de-credito/renovacion-del-credito#oficina-virtual).

Submit the form: the student must submit the data update form signed by the student, along with the 2022-I tuition payment settlement, according to the credit and benefit he/she has. Send it to the following e-mail yecotru@uis.edu.co or uisicetex@uis.edu.co.

For any questions from members or users, please access the direct link to ICETEX: https://web.icetex.gov.co/portal.  For more information on the renewal of educational credit lines or scholarships, call 6344000 Ext 2047 – 1256 or go to the Credit Collection Office, located at the central campus of the Universidad Industrial de Santander. 

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