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UIS signs agreement with Argentine university to strengthen mobility and internationalization

Agustín Bucciarelli, PhD student intern UNRaf and Juan Manuel Rey López, professor E3T UIS.
Agustín Bucciarelli, PhD student intern UNRaf and Juan Manuel Rey López, professor E3T UIS.

To promote incoming and outgoing mobility, promote research development, and contribute to strengthening quality, the Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS) signed an inter-institutional agreement with the Universidad Nacional de Rafaela (UNRaf) in Argentina, which benefits undergraduate and graduate students. One of the beneficiaries of this agreement is the student Agustín Bucciarelli, who is currently pursuing a doctorate in Engineering Sciences and is currently a member of the Research Group in Electric Energy Systems (Gisel – UIS), thanks to the agreement. His stay at UIS will last six months.

Agustín Bucciarelli is an Electromechanical Engineer, he worked in an electronic consultancy performing energy diagnostics. He is also a member of an Argentine metallurgical company in development. He has worked in public and private entities. Among his outstanding works is that of energy manager for the Energy Secretariat of the Nation (Argentina).

During the six months, the Ph.D. student will have, among other duties within the Gisel research group, the implementation of an intelligent electrical laboratory network, the design of an IOT didactic kit for teaching, and the control of an electronic charging cart.

Research Group in Electrical Energy Systems (Gisel – UIS)

The Gisel research group has been part of the School of Electrical, Electronic, and Telecommunications Engineering (E3T) for 18 years. In the last MinCiencias classification, it was categorized as A1 and is currently directed by Professor Mónica Botero.

The research lines developed by this group include energy transition, high voltage, power electronics, power quality and power electronics, energy quality and management, and materials synthesis and characterization.

“From the first day, I was amazed by the infrastructure that UIS has. Not only at the visual and architectural level, but also for the level of laboratory equipment and the warmth of the professors and students,” says Bucciarelli.

He added that with this exchange he hopes to “advance studies, contribute to the research group and learn from them. In addition, to promote mobility and academic collaboration this will be the first of many experiences between universities. As a student of a public university, I am proud to work in a network with a prestigious institution that promotes access to free and quality education to all sectors of society.

Agustín Buccerelli, PhD. student in Engineering Sciences.

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