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UIS School of Law and Political Science is promoting spaces to commemorate International Women’s Day

Image showing invitation to the Women's Day celebration
International Women’s Day Commemoration

Communications Department

In order to commemorate “International Women’s Day’ and generate academic space in all areas of knowledge, the School of Law and Political Science of the Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS) prepared for its students a varied program that includes lectures and contests. The activities will take place during the month of March.

The activities will take place in the Ágora auditorium of the Faculty of Human Sciences. The first of them, called ¡Mujer, la decisión es tuya!,  will be held next Tuesday, March 8th. On Friday, March 11th, there will be an award ceremony for the photography contest: mujer, trabajo y derechos – Leticia Montero Torres

¡Mujer, la decisión es tuya!

A discussion will be held to publicize the ‘Causa Justa’ movement and the arguments presented to the constitutional court that led to the decriminalization of abortion, through sentencia C-355 de 2022. In addition, the possible benefits and impacts on social issues, public health, and autonomy of will are going to be presented.

The space will be attended by students from the School of Law and Political Science, members of the research group ‘Strategic Litigation’ and advisors of the ‘Gender Line of the Legal Clinic and Conciliation Center’.

Awards – Photography Contest: mujer, trabajo y derechos – Leticia Montero Torres

Through photography and artistic discourse, the space seeks academic reflection to make visible the working conditions in rural areas, as well as the informal economy and migration, in order to promote the need to improve the employability of women in Colombia.

Participants submitted a proposal for a main photograph or a series of three photographs, accompanied by a written narrative of no more than 300 words, contextualizing the circumstances in which the image was taken, to which category it belongs, and the link to the main theme of the public tender: women, work, and rights.

In addition, the event will pay tribute to Professor Leticia Moreno Torres, social worker at the Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS) and master in Gender, Feminisms and Citizenship at the International University of Andalusia (UIA) in Spain. The public interested in connecting to the ‘Facebook Live’ of the academic activities and learn more about the various events, can enter the Facebook account of the School of Law and Political Science of the UIS by entering the link: www.facebook.com/UISDerecho

¡Cada día algo nuevo sucede!

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