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UIS research on acute leukemia with non-ventilated pneumonia published in international scientific journal

UIS Researchers
UIS Researchers

With the research “Predictors of mortality in acute leukemia patients with hospital-acquired non-ventilated pneumonia”, published in the Journal of Hospital Infection, a journal approved in publindex category A and Indexed in Q1-Scopus, in Medline/Index Medicus, a group of professors and students of the School of Medicine share with the international scientific community the findings of this important work.

Among its conclusions, this research suggests that patients with acute leukemia are a high-risk group for PAH-related incidence and mortality, even outside of intensive care units given the high mortality rate of these patients; furthermore, early recognition of factors associated with mortality may improve outcomes by allowing implementation of infection control measures to address modifiable risk factors.

The UIS School of Medicine team that conducted the research and publication consisted of Yeimer Ortiz, third year resident physician of the postgraduate course in Internal Medicine; Javier Enrique Fajardo, physician specialist in Pneumology, director of the Pneumology service of the Hospital Universitario de Santander and professor of the Department of Internal Medicine UIS; Tania Mendoza, specialist in Internal Medicine and epidemiologist of the Medita UIS research group; Alfonso Rodríguez González, Colciencias Senior Researcher and president of the Colombian Association of Infectious Diseases, and undergraduate medical students Carlos Eduardo Ruiz González and Yuderleys Masias León.

Journal of Hospital Infection is a peer-reviewed journal, approved in publindex and indexed in Q1-Scopus, in Medline/Index Medicus, the most important database of the National Library of Medicine of the United States.