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UIS prepares for the visit of academic peers as part of the institutional accreditation renewal process

Image UIS campus
Image UIS campus

‘Together we make it possible’ goes beyond the slogan of the Institutional Accreditation Renewal process… It is a joint work in which students, professors, managers, administrators, graduates, employers and external actors participated to contribute to the adoption of a culture of quality and continuous improvement of the Universidad Industrial de Santander.

“By adopting it as a daily practice, between 2004 and 2020, more than 250 self-evaluation processes of academic programs and 3 institutional self-evaluation processes have been carried out, which have resulted in the accreditation or renewal of high quality accreditation of academic programs and the University itself”, highlights the message of the UIS Rector, Hernán Porras Díaz.

The self-evaluation allowed the University to determine the strengths and areas for improvement, with the aim of continuing to position itself nationally and internationally, as well as to recognize the work developed by the university community, in order to advance in the consolidation of the institution, based on the changes, transformations and innovations that occurred during the period of accreditation.

Now the next step is the External Evaluation; to this end, in the coming weeks a group of academic peers, delegated by the National Accreditation Council, will visit the University to learn, first hand, the significant advances of the last 8 years (2014 – 2021).

The institutional self-evaluation model was divided into 12 factors. Each one obtained an important degree of compliance:

Factor 1. Institutional mission and projection: 4.98.

Factor 2. Students: 4,85

Factor 3. Faculty: 4.84

Factor 4. Academic processes: 4,93

Factor 5. National and international visibility: 4.93

Factor 6. Research and artistic creation: 4.53

Factor 7. Relevance and social impact: 4.52

Factor 8. Processes of self-evaluation and self-regulation: 4.52

Factor 9. Institutional welfare: 4.73

Factor 10. Organization, management and administration: 4.87

Factor 11. Academic support resources and physical plant: 4,72

Factor 12. Financial resources: 4.90

Nevertheless, the Accreditation processes of the academic programs of the UIS and the Institutional Accreditation have contributed to the maturity in the conception of a high-quality university institution and have contributed to sharpen the critical look of the university community on the Mission, Vision, policies, regulations, processes, tasks, resources and achievements.