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UIS prepares for its 124th ‘socially responsible giving’ event

socially responsible donations
Socially responsible donations

The Luis Carlos Galán Sarmiento School, in the municipality of Piedecuesta, was the institution selected by the Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS) to make the first delivery of ‘Donations with Social Responsibility UIS’ in the year 2022 and the 154th delivery throughout the existence of this program.

This time more than 250 people, including students, professors and employees of the school will benefit from the furniture that the University will give them.

The event will take place next Friday, February 4th. There, members of the Inventory Section, together with UIS assistants and staff, will officially deliver chairs, desks, tables, televisions, laboratory equipment, stretchers, books, school kits, among other items.

This initiative seeks to reach the most remote places and schools in the region of Santander and even other departments to benefit through elements, furniture and school supplies to members of rural institutions, in order to improve their equipment and create an educational space conducive to children.

During the week, the school’s rector, Johanna Quintero Bohórquez, visited the facilities of the UIS central campus to detail and select, together with the members of the Inventory Section, the final furniture, in order to organize and prepare the shipment, which sometimes needs to be done in advance. The University continues in its work to provide assistance to educational institutions through furniture and equipment in optimal conditions in order to contribute to a high quality public education in Santander.