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UIS Malaga campus bets on Agricultural Sciences as an initiative for regional transformation

Communications Department

In order to encourage activities that promote the integration of the academic community around samples of research projects, classroom work and entrepreneurship, the UIS Malaga Campus held the University Fair of Agricultural Sciences.

Academic, recreational and recreational activities were part of the program organized by the research seedbed Yaskua, formed by students and professors of Forestry Engineering, Animal Husbandry and basic cycle engineering of the UIS – Malaga campus.

“This Fair is a space for interaction in which our students and professors can show the work of each academic program to the attendees. It is a scenario that allows us to encourage a taste for research and break the routine through playful, recreational and integration activities,” said Deicy Delgado, coordinator of the UIS – Malaga Campus.

Likewise, Daniel Torres, professor and member of the organizing committee of the event, said that “the Fair is part of a process of transition and recovery of spaces, in which we have invited the community of the province of Garcia Rovira to join, to know all the academic and scientific advances that have been developed with our university community. We are particularly grateful to the students, to the members of the research seedbed Yaskua, to the sponsors who have come from different commercial sectors and have contributed to guarantee the success of this fair”. 

This year’s program included a gastronomic and entrepreneurship show with students from different regions, a horse walking and judging show, bird watching days, talks with experts in sheep and goat production, especially of the Santander goat, student agro-industrial show, dog show and sports activities with ping pong, ultimate and a rally of effort and knowledge by teams that included students, professors and administrative staff. “We congratulate the UIS, especially the professors and students who have shown us the technological advances they have had. There have been several scenarios that we toured and these samples have generated concerns in the students of the school, who in the future are projected to study at this University so important in the region,” said Nancy Alvarado Mendez, alumni of the UIS Forestry Engineering program and teacher of the Agricultural Technical Institute Felipe Cordero of the municipality of Concepción.