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UIS graduates reunited at their ‘alma mater’ during the Alumni Reunion

As a space for reunion, coexistence, integration and recreation among UIS graduates, the Alumni Meeting was held as part of the commemoration of 75 years of institutional life.

“It has been a wonderful meeting, very well organized and especially to see the progress of the UIS. One is really astonished with all these new spaces and it has been a wonderful experience,” said Amparo Torres Cristancho, a graduate of Business Management.

The Association of Graduates of the Universidad Industrial de Santander (Aseduis) organized this event, in which different entities of the region paid tribute to the UIS for its positive impact on society during these 75 years in society.

“The UIS is a standard of Santander society because it is a seal of quality before Colombia and the world. It is an honor for the Chamber to be present at this celebration with the members of the board of directors, UIS graduates and the speaker, also a graduate of a postgraduate program. We love the UIS and for us it is a symbol of Santander”, said Juan Carlos Rincón Liévano, executive president of the Bucaramanga Chamber of Commerce (CCB).

The meeting recognized outstanding graduates such as Rafael Marín Valencia, José Enrique Jaimes Bautista, Adriana Zableh Solano, Humberto Rangel Lizcano, Álvaro Escobar Saavedra, Alejo Vargas Velásquez, Pedro Rizo Vergel, Clemente Bustos Torres, Cayetano Rugeles Mantilla and Luis Felipe Rivera García.

“It is a recognition that excites because it is the fact of returning to the university where I was educated with my brothers. We are six engineers who created and built Marval, we are children of the province and that is the UIS, a promoter of entrepreneurship, development professionals and future generator for the region and the country,” said Rafael Marín Valencia, president of Marval.

Hernán Porras Díaz, UIS rector, and the former rectors of the institution were also recognized during the event.

“It is a pleasure for me to visit the UIS and receive distinctions. My gratitude to the UIS is perpetual and I renew it daily because here I took my first steps in my professional training and also access to levels of state management and in turn lead the UIS, which for me was the most pleasant; so my whole life I owe to the Universidad Industrial de Santander, “argued Alvaro Beltrán Pinzón, former rector UIS.

Special recognition was given to Dr. Mario Galán Gómez (RIP), who achieved the approval of the ordinance for the creation of the UIS and with the Spaniard Julio Álvarez Cerón (RIP) led its foundation. His sons Antonio Galán Sarmiento and Gabriel Galán Sarmiento received the tribute.

The graduates also toured the campus in areas such as the Listening Center, the Rector’s Council Room and different schools, highlighting the positive change that has taken place in the university infrastructure.

“It is very gratifying to be here because I am grateful and in love with the UIS for everything it gave me as an undergraduate and that is why I did my postgraduate studies here. All this has been wonderful, the University is very modern, impressive and there is really a big change in a short time. Everything is very nice,” said Alfonso Reyes, UIS electrical engineer.

Aseduis is a non-profit organization under private law, which aims to strengthen the bonds of fraternity among its members, emanating from belonging to the same alma mater.