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UIS contributes to increase reserves of santander’s only public blood bank

Personnel in charge of blood unit collection at the UIS
Collection of blood units at the UIS

Communications Department

During the year 2021, the Hemocenter of the Hospital Universitario de Santander made a call to the Santander community to donate blood due to the fact that the existing reserves were running low.

The Universidad Industrial de Santander responded to this call to contribute to overcome the deficit of the main blood bank of the department. The reason for this decrease in blood units was due to the drop in voluntary donations due to the pandemic generated by COVID-19. It is estimated that it was reduced by 40%.

Between November and December 2021, the Hemocentro conducted 9 activities in which 268 units of blood were collected, 178 at the central campus and 90 at the Faculty of Health.

Platelet donations help patients with platelet-deficient diseases such as leukemias, anemias, cancer and cardiac surgeries. Platelets can become so low that these patients have frequent bleeding.

Some requirements that donors must fulfill are: to be of legal age, weigh more than 50 kilograms, not to have drunk alcohol the day before and not to be sick the day the donation is to be made.

The blood donation days will continue at the School of Health and at the central campus, every Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thank you for contributing to the blood reserve for the Hemocentro, the only public blood bank in Santander.