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UIS Athletic Race was a success: it gathered 2,892 participants on the university campus.

Image shows the winners of the Athletic Race
Athletic Race brought together the UIS community

port was the star at the Universidad Industrial de Santander due to the development of the 31st edition of the Athletic Race.

Silvia Fernanda Castillo Archila and Marco Andrey Dueñas Téllez won in the category of UIS students with a time of 15 minutes 11 seconds and 11′ 25″, respectively.

“In-person modality is totally different because you feel the energy, the adrenaline, all my teammates supported me when I passed, here one is more motivated having the rivals close. I am very happy with the result,” said Castillo Archila, a student of Foreign Languages, who won last year’s virtual race.

In the case of Dueñas Téllez, this was the first time he participated in the most important sporting event of the UIS. He is a second semester Industrial Design student.

“I felt very good in the race, the start was very fast, very strong. I was behind the group, but I attacked on the climb and there I took advantage. The course was very nice, it lends itself to run fast, there were no people in the way and it was very well organized,” said Dueñas Tellez.

In the administrative, professors and employees category, the winner was Silvia Juliana Rincón Pérez, from the Vice Rector’s Office for Research and Extension (VIE) with a time of 17 minutes and 1 second.

“I feel very happy to win in this category, the weather helped because in my case I feel better when I run like this and not with the sun. The experience was very nice,” said Rincón Pérez, who has been working at the University since last year and is a Chemical Engineering graduate of the institution.

With a time of 15:07 the winner in the administrative, faculty and staff area was Gabriel Fernando García Sánchez. “I really like jogging, exercising, last year I won in the virtual race and for me it is a pleasant surprise to come in first place in this now in-person race. Running here reminds me a lot of my times as an undergraduate and master’s student,” said Garcia Sanchez, a professor at the School of Mechanical Engineering.

During the day there was a participation of 2,892 people who registered to run for the first time this competition within the UIS campus.

“The race was a success; we completed this edition and it was beautiful to feel the joy of participating in-personality again. We hope that next year we will be in the streets of the city generating a sporting culture and thus transmitting health and life. We were happy and fulfilled with the organization,” said Fabio Villafrades Gonzalez, director of the Department of Physical Education and Sports UIS.

The Athletic Race had a total distance of four kilometers. In the annex you will find the official results of the competition.

Winners of the UIS Athletic Race 2022
Winners of the UIS Athletic Race 2022