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Tutorials on academic writing in english

The Dean’s Office of the College of Physicomechanical Engineering invites you to participate in the personalized tutorials on academic writing in English, which aim to strengthen the linguistic and rhetorical skills related to the writing of an academic-scientific paper in English of our students (undergraduate and graduate) and professors interested in participating.

Those interested should register at the following link: and attach a complete draft of the document on which the consultancy will work.

Based on the above, a 30 or 60-minute private consultancy meeting will be assigned, according to availability, in which the author’s document will be reviewed. These tutorials are designed to be personalized learning and support spaces; they are not translation services.


  • The tutoring service does not include Spanish-English translation of the texts to be reviewed. All texts to be reviewed must be written in English.
  • The days and times of the tutor’s meetings with the author will be established by mutual agreement between the parties at the times specified on the form.