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The Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS) fully complies with the professor’s factor, according to the results of the institutional self-evaluation.

UIS Professors
UIS Professors

The Universidad Industrial de Santander continues its process to obtain the renewal of the Institutional Accreditation. To this end, a careful self-evaluation was carried out to determine the strengths and aspects to be improved in the institution.

A total of 12 factors were analyzed, one of which was the Faculty, in which the results showed a score of 4.84 out of 5. In turn, the following points stand out:

The rigorousness and transparency of the processes for the selection and hiring of professors ensure a committed and quality teaching community.

The modification of the regulations for the selection of professors makes it possible to meet the dynamics of the development of academic processes and ensure the high quality of the human talent assigned to the different units.

The excellence of the permanent professors, corroborated by their commitment, sense of belonging, level of training, experience, intellectual production, classification of researchers in the National System of Science, Technology and Innovation, and awards and recognitions received, among others.

The level of training of the permanent professors, an aspect identified as a strength in the previous processes, whose consolidation is currently evident with 54% of permanent professors with doctoral training.

The recognition of the time allocated to research in the academic activity of the professor, as a result of the application of the Research Statute, has favored the strengthening of this missionary function.

The consolidation of policies and programs for the qualification of permanent professors establishes norms, plans and conditions that favor postgraduate education.

Training opportunities for professors, through programs offered by Cededuis, allow the acquisition and development of pedagogical competencies, mainly in newly hired professors.

The University, aware of the need to expand the teaching staff, is developing feasibility studies to move in this direction.

Currently at The Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS), 54% of the permanent professors have a doctorate degree, 31% have a master’s degree, 4% have a medical-surgical sub-specialization, 7% have a medical-surgical specialization, 2% have a specialization and 2% are professionals.

Of the professors, 3% have a doctorate degree, 34% have a master’s degree, 2% have a medical-surgical sub-specialization, 8% have a medical-surgical specialization, 20% have a specialization and 32% are professionals.

“The participation and the reflective and critical view of the university community has been substantial in identifying strengths, aspects to improve, challenges and challenges for the future; in such a way that all institutional actors deserve recognition for the efforts undertaken, for the sense of belonging that has been cemented and for the commitment to the culture of quality and continuous improvement”, indicated the rector Hernán Porras Díaz.

The Institutional Self-Assessment was a collective process, carried out between 2019 and 2021. The next step is the external evaluation. To that end, in the coming weeks a group of academic peers, delegated by the National Accreditation Council (CNA), will visit The Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS) to learn about the significant progress made in the last 8 years (2014 – 2021). For more information on the results of the Institutional Self-Assessment, visit these links: and