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The UIS University Choir is already preparing for the commemoration of its 60th anniversary.

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2022 is not just another year for the UIS University Choir because it marks the 60th anniversary of its creation.

It is currently directed by Maestro Juan Manuel Hernández-Morales and has about 80 students of the University (counting the young members of the Pre- Choir).

To commemorate its six decades of history, the artistic group is designing a special program to approach both the university community and the outside.

“First of all, it will be the Easter season. We’ve wanted a sacred component from the choir since 2014, focusing on the spiritual and reflection. I am very interested in making premieres for the city, that is, presenting for the first time in the city some emblematic works. On this occasion, we will have presentations in the Luis A. Calvo auditorium, and externally, we have spoken with the San Pío Parish; also, to link up with the regional headquarters, but for now, we are planning, “said Hernández-Morales, who has been in charge of the UIS Choir since February 2007.

There is still no confirmed schedule, but it is estimated that the concerts will be held daily from Saturday, April 9 to Wednesday, April 16. 

One of the most important activities within the celebration of the 60th anniversary is bringing together the members of the Choir and the Pre-Choir with students and alumni of the Bachelor of Music program to form a symphony orchestra and perform a premiere for Bucaramanga of a universally known work, but which has not been performed here.

“Historically, the anniversary is associated with June, but due to dates and programming, this launching will take place approximately at the end of July. Likewise, one of the most representative dates for the Choir is September 8, the birthday of maestro Gustavo Gómez Ardila; so for that date we will hold a meeting with former choir members of all generations and those of the present. We hope it will be in the Luis A. Calvo auditorium,” added the director.

The Santander-born Gómez Ardila (1913-2006) is a reference for the UIS University Choir because he was a pioneer of the choral movement throughout Colombia and also directed this group, to the point of giving it local, national, and international recognition. At the same time, he was and continues to be an example and model in the training of new professionals.

Another important date this year will be the 16th edition of the Santander Choral Festival. “This festival, like the other UIS festivals, is a space that beats inculturation, war, idleness, or violence. We will return to the format of presentations from Wednesday to Saturday in October and also with the children’s and youth’s version, “said Hernandez-Morales.

The choral group will close in 2022 with the Christmas Season, to be held in mid-December. 

Throughout its history, the UIS University Choir has won international public tenders in Hungary, Greece, Italy, Spain, Argentina, South Korea, Northern Ireland and the Czech Republic. It has also offered concerts and symphonic-choral productions in cultural scenarios of great importance in Colombia and abroad, such as recitals at the Colon Theater in Bogota, Lincoln Center Auditorium in New York (United States), St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, Casa de la Moneda in Paris (France) and the Aula Magna of the Universidad Central de Venezuela in Caracas (Venezuela).

The director of the UIS Choir, Juan Manuel Hernández-Morales, is a composer, arranger, vocal and choral pedagogue, and conductor of choirs and orchestral ensembles. He holds a degree in music and a diploma in scholarly musical composition from the Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS).

As a composer and arranger of works for children’s, youth and mixed choirs, his works have been premiered in Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, United States and Ecuador.

He has given workshops on arranging, conducting and choral pedagogy in choral meetings in Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Argentina.

As conductor of choirs and orchestral ensembles he has participated in festivals and national and international competitions, has conducted premieres of Colombian composers and has performed works for choir and chamber orchestra, being premieres for Bucaramanga with the Coral Universitaria UIS. To learn in detail about the events that will star the group, stay tuned to the social networks UIS and Cultural Direction. Also visit the page and its Facebook profile: