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The UIS Superior Council unanimously designated Professor Hernán Porras Díaz as Rector 2022-2025

Photograph of the Rector of the university, Professor Hernán Porras.

Communications Department
The highest university governing body at UIS endorsed the rectorial management proposal presented by Professor Hernán Porras Díaz and, unanimously, through Agreement No. 011 of 2022, approved his appointment to the position of Rector of the Universidad Industrial de Santander for the period 2022–2025.

“In an interview conducted by the Superior Council to the four candidates who were aspiring to the position of Rector for the Period 2022–2025, and after analyzing the entire democratic and transparent process, generating all the guarantees for each of them, the engineer Hernán Porras Díaz was designated to be rector again and will take office next May 7th,” said the governor of Santander and president of the Superior Council UIS, Mauricio Aguilar Hurtado.

The councilors highlighted the work done by the UIS rector in the current administration and supported his aspiration for the purpose of consolidating the work of institutional strengthening in areas such as foreign affairs, advances in science, technology, and innovation, as well as the great challenges that the university is to assume today in the face of regional development.

“We requested that the vote be public and sustained, with due observations. We are facing an administration that has undoubtedly done very well and that has aspects that must be improved and deepened, ” said Luis Orlando Aguirre, representative of the professors.
On the other hand, Councilor Mario Humberto Torres Macías assured that the decision to support the candidacy of Professor Hernán Porras Díaz also obeyed the feelings of the university community, which expressed its support by a large majority in the opinion poll held on March 7. “The proposal presented by Professor Hernán Porras is quite ambitious, a quite extensive program that I believe he will achieve because he has done so in the last 6 years. For me, it is satisfactory that it has been elected unanimously with high praise for the management carried out and the expectations we have, ” he said.

Hernán Porras Díaz is a Civil Engineer and PhD in telecommunications. He is a professor attached to the School of Civil Engineering of the Universidad Industrial de Santander, and since 2016 he has served as rector of the institution.

Fotografía del Rector de la universidad, profesor Hernán Porras.