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The UIS community advances in its vaccination process against Covid-19

Image of person receiving vaccine
Image of person receiving vaccine

The compliance with the vaccination of the UIS community that daily attends the different campuses of the University has made this on-site return possible. This is why the task of completing the schemes among students, professors, administrative, and other workers of the institution continues.

In the case of students, at the end of 2021, when the 2021-2 period began, a mandatory survey was conducted to know the exact vaccination figures of this population, in which it was determined that a total of 2,815 people were not vaccinated, so from the university, the opening of an alternative vaccination post exclusively for them was managed.

With this initiative, of the 2,815 who were not vaccinated, a total of 1,873 have already received at least one dose. That is why, as of December 17, 2021, when the recess began at the institution, it is estimated that about 942 students have not started their vaccination schedule.

For 2022, coordination has already been made with the Secretary of Health of Bucaramanga to reopen this vaccination table in Bienestar Estudiantil. They have already confirmed that vaccines will be delivered soon; once this happens, we will reopen the point that was there last year and thus complete the schedules of young people who are missing to reinforce the vaccination that is done in the UIS Theater,” said Teresa Briceño Pineda, coordinator of Comprehensive Health Services and Psychosocial Development of Student Welfare.

Likewise, in the case of workers, progress has also been made in the vaccination process. Last year, the Human Talent Management Division scheduled people to receive the first and second doses.

For the case of the third dose, they are waiting to receive vaccines specifically for this purpose; this is why, for the time being, no agendas will be made to complete the schemes, so everyone can approach the vaccination point of their choice.

“The response of the university administration has been almost immediate because everything depends on the existence of the biologicals and their distribution by the National Government. It is important to motivate the university community to get vaccinated with the booster dose, to really respond to a social and institutional commitment that corresponds to us, because that helps the university function as it should,” assured Luis Orlando Aguirre Rodríguez, representative of the professors in the UIS Superior Council.

Please note that the attention at the vaccination point of the UIS Theater, located in the Logistics building at the entrance of Carrera 30, begins at 7:00 a.m.