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The Biological Integration Seminar begins on thursday 24th

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In order to share and exchange knowledge on advances in biological and related sciences, this Thursday, February 24th, the Biological Integration Seminar will begin, a face-to-face meeting between undergraduate and graduate students in Biology.

The Graduate Advisory Committee of the Master’s Program in Biology, with the approval of the School Council, has prepared this activity for this academic period, which will be held every two weeks on Thursdays, from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

These meetings will deal with topics of biological sciences and related sciences, as well as talks on other topics of interest. The activity will be held in the Guillermo Camacho Caro Auditorium, second floor of the School of Industrial and Business Studies (former Industrial Engineering).

“This seminar arises as a need after this stage of the pandemic to reunite both undergraduate and graduate students and initiate a new phase of a process that allows to know and disseminate the knowledge and advances of biological sciences and other related sciences that aim to manage the basic knowledge of biology and also have a focus on environmental sustainability, based on the Sustainable Development Goals,” said Professor Nelson Rodriguez-Lopez, coordinator of the Master’s Degree in Biology and the Biological Integration Seminar.

He also emphasized that “the integration of the academic community of the School of Biology, through a frequent and regular activity, is a necessity to achieve that reactivation and academic-scientific motivation between the two levels of training. This space will also be, and we hope that it will be regularized and maintained, very important since we are about to start offering a PhD program in Biological Sciences. Therefore, the dissemination and promotion of our programs requires that there are interested students and alumni from the UIS and other regions. It is important a determined diffusion and even visits to the regions for its positioning, from the UIS outwards, towards other regions of the country.”

“It is also intended to be a space to discuss and analyze some weaknesses and also to show the strengths to the students of the Master’s program in Biology and also to the undergraduate students to encourage their linkage to the third cycle training through this integration,” said Professor Nelson Rodríguez-López.


Thursday, February 24

Invited lecturers:

Fabricio E Carvalho. PhD. Biologist, UFC, Brazil. PhD. Plant Biochemistry. Researcher at C.I- La Suiza Agrosavia, Santander.

Lecture: “Plant Physiology-Photobiology: Here comes the sun: Light stress, photoprotection mechanisms and light use efficiency in plants”.

Iván Camargo Rodríguez. Biologist, UIS. PhD. UNAM, Mexico. Plant Physiology-Conference: “Photobiology: Functional plasticity and variation of tolerance to leaf damage in response to light”. Currently, Postdoc at C.I- La Suiza Agrosavia, Santander.

Day: Thursday, February 24th

Time: 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Place: Auditorium Guillermo Camacho Caro – Floor 1

School of Industrial and Business Studies

UIS Central Campus

We are waiting for you.

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