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Sixth session: artistic expressions in the history of Bucaramanga

Image of Bucaramanga's 400th anniversary celebration
Image of Bucaramanga’s 400th anniversary celebration

This Thursday, January 20th, starting at 3 p.m., the sixth session of the Low Maus Chair 2021-2 will take place. The guest speakers are Angélica María Díaz Vásquez (UDES) and Roger Díaz Carreño (UIS), who have extensive experience in teaching, research and curatorship in the artistic context. Watch the broadcast on Facebook.

Since art has also built and represented the city, the objective of the session is to trace the historical panorama of the main artistic expressions in Bucaramanga from the end of the 19th century to the configuration of the Arts program at the Universidad Industrial de Santander.

The session will be held in-person modality for the UIS community at the Ágora auditorium of the Faculty of Human Sciences. In addition, it will have virtual transmission for the general public through the institutional Facebook