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School of Arts starts semester with lots of music and new facilities

Image showing students of the School of Arts
Students and teachers of the Diploma in Arrangements, Adaptations and their Audio Recording
Image showing a music course for children, youth and adults.

Communications Department

The academic activities of the extension programs of the School of Arts began in March. Children, young people, and adults have chosen the UIS as their musical training center.

The educational experience resumes in-person after two years, with the renovated facilities of the Daniel Casas Building as an institutional bet with the citizenship and the region, to expand and diversify the musical education offer, guided by a professor team of outstanding students, alumni, and professors of the Bachelor’s Degree in Music program.

The programs currently being developed are courses in music for children, youth, adults, and the UIS community; the Pre-university course in music and Diploma in arrangements, adaptations, and audio recording.

You will be able to access this academic offer with in-person, virtual, and hybrid classes. Students from Santander, Boyacá, Cundinamarca, Norte de Santander, Peru, Canada, and Chile will participate.

Professor Robinson Giraldo Villegas, director of the School of Arts, states: “We are very happy to be back in our school with the children, youth, and adults enrolled in one of our programs, now in-person modality. They brighten up our facilities. We are also very satisfied with the launching of the new training program Diploma in arrangements, adaptations, and Audio Recording, which was very well received. We are totally committed to the generation of musical training spaces in accordance with the needs of our region and the country”. If you are interested in being part of these courses for the second semester of 2022, please contact us at 6076344000 extension 2235 or